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Memory is a funny thing.

Blink and you've missed it...
Call or write me, Eliot Siegel,  The Portrait Photographer, to capture
those special relationships, moments and stages of
Child & Family development you

don't want to forget... Mark these special years with photographs &
memories that are so beautiful, so emotional and artful, they
will adorn your walls and be shared by all those special to you. If you are
not a believer, I invite you to enter MY world, and look at the many
images I share with you here on this website, with much
thanks and 
gratitude to the many families I have been
fortunate to spend this precious 
time with. 
I have but TWO photographs of my entire childhood, 
so I truly know the value of all the missed memories and relationships. 
Don't miss all the wonderful, vibrant stages of our lives and those
of our ever-growing children.

   Let me remind you of the best of times.
Call Eliot on 07768816749 or email: 




The Future of the Family Portrait.

A Family Portrait is all about the Story. A Family Portrait should be about Fun, Positive Energy, Good Vibes and Love. Whether at home, in your favourite park or in studio, a picture without the full story is meaningless. In one hour, I can take your family on a journey, presenting 100-200 images on average, to capture all the nuance and not miss one beautiful moment. Every image is presented as fine art quality Black & White, as well as Sumptuous & Delightful Colour.
Do the research, & Do read the reviews,
I'm certainly proud of them.
Trust me to tell your Story. Eliot Siegel

Photographs by Eliot Siegel


"…We are booked to get married next year. Partly down to you.

Without the confidence I got from having my photos done by you then I'd never have met him. Long chain of events but the photos were the catalyst. I'll happily invite you along but only if you leave the camera at home and come as a guest, not to work.


Funny how we affect people's lives so much without realising it. I suspect you had no idea how important your work was. Far from bringing just photography, those photos changed my entire view of myself and by doing that I have the life I want."

Enjoy your day. RG

I am sorry for the delay.

I have really struggled to get it down to 10 photos, truly I love them all!  Is that okay? There are a few of me, I would be eternally grateful if you waved your magic wand over my few...