…We are booked to get married next year. Partly down to you. Without the

confidence I got from having my photos done by you then I'd never have

met him. Long chain of events but the photos were the catalyst. I'll

happily invite you along but only if you leave the camera at home and

come as a guest, not to work.


Funny how we affect people's lives so much without realising it. I

suspect you had no idea how important your work was. Far from bringing just

photography, those photos changed my entire view of myself and by doing

that I have the life I want.

Enjoy your day. RG

Had the absolute pleasure of meeting this wonderful photographer, not only were his pictures amazing, he made myself and my family feel at such ease. He made sure we had a brilliant experience with lots of laughs. A really fantastic experience and excellent prices. Can not stop ranting about how brilliant & creative this man is.

Thank you so much Eliot

Love from Marie…xx


My daughter had a photoshoot with hair and makeup done by the team ... Absolutely amazing!!! Would highly recommend, actually must book in again soon!

A professional photographer who captures the personality and beauty of all individuals. Felt very comfortable and relaxed. Thank you! x 
And thank you to Oksansa for my amazing makeup and hair x


Superb service, top guy, highly recommended.


Monday at 3 is great.

Let me know what time you want him. Certainly no make up required.  He

has never had his photograph taken properly. I am totally intrigued to

see how he works on camera with you. I think he is the hottest man on

the planet but obviously I am biased.  I want him to see what he has



Thank you so much. I might bring Pippa back to you on her own one day,

she has so little confidence but is stunning when she relaxes.


Arnold loves you. You may need sedatives.  He is convinced that he wants

to come to be photographed every weekend.


Having my photos taken by you kickstarted a lot of changes in how I see

myself. I hadn't realised how low my self worth was until needing to

expose it. A few years makes such a difference.  I'm now able to look at

pictures and not see what I see when I look in a mirror but instead see

what the camera sees. Thanks so much for that...

Life is good. You unwittingly played a part in that.


Hi , very happy with that thank you !! You are the wizard of photography ...



I will check it out, thanks again, for making an amazing experience awesome, never felt so comfortable in front of a camera ,both you and Oksana are stars x Maureen


Went through the whole package again properly and have to say, I sure am happy! Excellent work. Looking forward to seeing the other versions too regarding touch ups, although the lighting and your camera work is so awesome the untouched versions look divine.


For the prints please I would like 

84, 93, 109, 120, 121, 123, 151, and black and whites 115, 178, 206, and 235,

thank you! Very hard to choose!

Many thanks and hugs and good wishes and till we see again,


Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to shoot my really energetic, huge family :-) It was really great fun for all of us .

Can you please let me know when you will be able to send me the CD?

Kind Regards


Just had a look at the photos, and just wow. My mum will be so happy and proud to see them tomorrow just as I am now. Thank you so much.

Kind regards


Mum has decided to have the cd with the 10 x A4 prints. She's currently deciding which prints to have and I'll email you once she's made a decision. P.s. Mum said to tell you how much she loves the photos and how beautiful she looks.


Mum is over the moon to receive the photos today. Thank you very much.


Many thanks for the wonderful photos.  Not sure how you did it but I loved the majority of them despite being in them!  Testament to your skill as a photographer, I believe.

Not sure why we have chosen so many black and white prints but there is something very eye catching about them.

Kind regards and thanks


Afternoon!.... hope all is well with you.

I received the book on Monday and it is simply stunning.... thank you so much!!!


It may seem strange to say it, but I am still in the process of accepting what I look like. It would seem many people cannot relate to who they truly are against the version in the mirror, often preferring the latter and I know I am not alone in this.

Going through the photos after these few months, I view some more objectively and perhaps now see what you did back when we did that initial review. I cropped (144)-145 to face only - it is simply lovely and have attached for you to see. I've also looked at your updated website - the ones of me look great and the photos of the other ladies are beautiful. 


As I said before, I do intend to come back for some more pictures nearer October when I am more defined. I have attached a few photos from May/June competitions. But having my photo session with you was very empowering, boosting my confidence and helping me to accept who am I as a person. So thank you !!!




All sounds fabulous.... I'm still pinching myself by the way!!



I am sorry for the delay.

I have really struggled to get it down to 10 photos, truly I love them all!  Is that okay? There are a few of me, I would be eternally grateful if you waved your magic wand over my few...


Thanks again for such a great experience and such beautiful photos. We are chuffed and so excited to have some family pictures up in our new home. I would recommend you highly to anyone and am happy for you to use any of our shots for your website.​


Thank you for the great shoot - you instantly put me at ease and made it loads of fun. Really looking forward to seeing the results. Hope the show was a huge success. Previews looked really great online :) See you soon, Steph



Christie G.


Thank you so much for the fantastic experience and the amazing photos- I'm thrilled with the outcome and they made the perfect gift. I would highly recommend you to anyone and everyone! Thank you so much!!

Allison G


He made you feel very relaxed

Sandra M.​


...He was very easy to be around, we felt completely comfortable with him and knew that he would go the extra mile to make our pictures look the best they could possibly be.

Jessica T


Great friendly atmosphere & very professional

Marion b.​


I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. He is very talented, professional, friendly and puts people at ease straight away. I highly recommend his services.

Kelly N.​

Lovely photos, really well done. And nice comfortable surroundings.

annie-jane r.​



Thank you for the great pictures. You managed to capture the personality of each person and everyone who see's them always comments on how beautiful the pictures are. :-)