Prints & Products

Albums and coffee table books have become two of my finest selling products these past
few years and are a lovely way to create a stunning memory of your portraits. These books and albums are printed as one off copies, but further copies can easily be printed.
My coffee table books are printed to a very high standard in San Francisco, California.

The leather / metal Albums are printed in Italy.

Coffee table books (Hardcover)

12”x12” book with 20 pages £400
12”x12” book with 40 pages £500      
12”x12” book with 60 pages £750   




Leather & Metal Covered Luxury Albums (Made in Italy)

My albums are truly sublime; they are handmade in Italy from the finest materials

featuring luxurious leather or metal covers. The thick photographic lay flat pages

make this the ultimate luxury item.

All books are lovingly designed by and meticulously created with a

contemporary sense of style and design. All photographs in these books can be

sensitively retouched as required, depending on how you would like to see yourself

portrayed. For a family, makeover or boudoir photoshoot, these books and albums

are the ultimate memory.

20 page 12” x 12” luxury Album w/ Leather or Metal Cover £750

20 page 12”x12” luxury album, plus a CD with all the best
print-ready images from your session costs £950

40 page 12”x12” luxury album w/ Leather or Metal Cover £1,050

40 page 12”x12” luxury album plus a CD with all the
best print-ready images from your session cost. £1,350


Unframed Fine Art Quality Prints

Unframed 5×7”     prints £50
Unframed 9×6”     prints £75
Unframed 12×8”   prints £150
Unframed 16×12” prints £200
Unframed 24×16” prints £300
Unframed 36×24” prints £350
Unframed 48×36” prints £500

My professional printer is one of the finest in the UK and he uses a Lustre finish, Fuji Chrystal archive paper, the same used by fine art galleries and museums worldwide. You can also opt for sumptuous matt finish 300g fine art rag museum paper, please ask for details. 

Classic Framed Fine Art Quality Prints

Framed 5×7”     print  £90
Framed 9×6”     print  £125
Framed 12×8”   print  £185
Framed 16×12” print  £250
Framed 24×16” print  £425
Framed 36×24” print  £500
Framed 48×36” print  £795

I work with a top UK framer and have a great selection of frames

for you to choose from to make the most of your interior wall spaces.

Aluminium Di-Bond

16×12” Aluminium di-bond £225
24×16” Aluminium di-bond £325
36×24” Aluminium di-bond £450
48×36” Aluminium di-bond £695

Aluminium Di-Bond is:
A very contemporary printing method for modern interiors, where the print is printed directly onto the front of a 3mm thick surface of aluminium sheet that creates a sandwich effect with a black core for maximum support in the middle. The aluminium art piece is mounted onto a sub-frame that allows the final work of art to appear to be floating off the wall.

Acrylic Perspex Mounting

16×12” Acrylic perspex mount £250
24×16” Acrylic perspex mount £450
36×24” Acrylic perspex mount £650
48×36” Acrylic perspex mount £1,150

Acrylic Perspex Mounting is:
Another very fashionable contemporary framing technique is the acrylic perspex mounting. This has a photograph mounted at the rear of a 8cm thick diamond polished acrylic perspex sheet. It uses a precision Swiss cut mounting piece on each of the four corners that help give this it’s highly fashionable and luxurious feel.

Giant Collage Printing and Framing

36×24” Stretched canvas collage £950
36×24” Framed print collage £950
36×24” Aluminium di-bond collage £950
36×24” Acrylic perspex collage £1,050
48×36” Stretched canvas collage £1,250
48×36” Framed print collage £1,500
48×36” Aluminium di-bond collage £1,500
48×36” Acrylic perspex collage £1,750

Giant Collage Style Printing is:
Fantastic for families, a contemporary collage designed by ThePortraitPhotographer allows up to 15 different images of your choice presented on the same background. It can be classically framed as a print, canvas, aluminium di-bond or for absolute contemporary luxury, a diamond polished acrylic perspex mounting. The minimum size for

a collage is 36”x24” but for maximum impact, I’d suggest the 48”x36” size.

Classic Stretched Canvas

Photographic canvas framing is a lovely technique that
fits just about anywhere. Wrapped around a deep wood
frame, it is contemporary yet economic.
16×12” Classic canvas £225
24×16” Classic canvas £325
36×24” Classic canvas £450
48×36” Classic canvas £750

Multi-Aperture Frames

Three 9" x 6" prints in a single frame £375

Three 12" x 8" prints in a single frame £450

Four 6"-square prints in one square frame £375

Four 8"-square prints in one square frame £375

Nine 6"-square prints in one square frame £595

Flashdrive of ALL the Hi Resolution images in both Colour & Black & White

Individual Digital Images cost £150 each. Some packages come complete with all the digital photographs, others have a per image rate. Call or email to discuss the options.

All photographs are copyright protected:

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