My name is Eliot Siegel, and for more than 25 years, I've been living and working my way around the world as a fashion, portrait, and fine art photographer. What a fantastic thing to have a career that needs only a portfolio, a camera, (£50,000 worth of equipment, lol), and good people skills. From NYC to Milan, Paris, Madrid, London, Devon and Cornwall, I've enjoyed photographing people of all kinds; from the well known; Angelina Jolie, Gary Lineker, Charles Dance, Martin Amis, Kelly Brooke, Kate Moss, etc to the unknown, and every person just as intriguing as the next.


I've worked directly for many of the UK and European magazines shooting Fashion and Portraits; GQ, Esquire, Harper's, British Vogue, Cosmopolitan, FHM, etc, and have photographed advertising campaigns for most of the top brands in the UK, including Selfridges, Marks and Spencer, Debenhams, Littlewoods and so many more.


I'm now concentrating my efforts on a part of the photographic industry that needs a bit of tender loving care, the business of photographing people that don't feel comfortable being photographed. That includes just about everyone...

Corporate portraits are fast becoming a professional necessity with millions of websites representing every type of business. On Social media sites like Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook, it's easy to tell the serious professional from the amateurs by the photographic images that represent them.  


Family portrait photography has long been portrayed in the stuffiest of ways; the positions unrelaxed and the smiles forced. Family portraiture needs to be more fun and not take itself so seriously. Whether in the studio, at home, or on location, the photographer needs to bring out the feeling of closeness that we want to look back on when we see ourselves together in photographs.

Children's portrait photographyChildren need to be themselves. All children love to play, run, jump and express themselves, but most children are shy and need to be gently motivated by the photographer who understands them and can bring out the best, most exciting images.

Makeover portraits serve a multitude of needs; It's an interesting transition from clean face to being made up by a talented artist who has all the skill and ability to bring out a rare beauty in all of us. In combination with a photographer that spent his career working for Fashion magazines and understands how to manipulate light to a woman's best advantage, the outcomes are often astonishing, and yet..real...

The Boudoir portrait has been evident since the beginning of photography itself, but more recently has returned to the fore because now and then, a woman needs to be reminded just how beautiful and feminine she really is, regardless of her age, shape, and ideas of contemporary beauty. A kind and gentle photographer will make a sitter quickly feel comfortable. Please see Testimonials.

Wedding photography is ready for an artistic revolution. Wouldn't it be great if the finest image makers came out of hiding and photographed Weddings as they would if given the control to do so? Shouldn't a Wedding Album have the same look and feel as a piece of Fine Art? 

Modelling Portfolios are photographed by a photographer with more than 25 years in the fashion & magazine industry. 


Choose studio-based Headshots, outdoor location Headshots or try both, with 3 or 4 outfit changes and a photographer that really knows his way around a face. 

I'm looking forward to working with you...